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Dec 7, 2022

Eliza Woolsey Howland was a Civil War nurse, philanthropist and historical writer who was a member of the upper crust in Beacon during the middle of the 19th century. Among other contributions to the city, she co-founded the Howland Library, which celebrated its 150th anniversary this year. 

In honor of that anniversary, historian Emily Murnane comes on the podcast to talk about Eliza’s life and legacy in this community. Emily is a lifelong Beaconite who has worked as a teacher, gardener and historical reenactor, among other things. She portrayed Eliza in a recent presentation at the Howland  Cultural Center. For that event she wore formal period garb and adorned the stage with historically significant props while guiding her audience through the life of this fascinating nurse and benefactor. 

Episode recorded at Beacon AV Lab. Photography by Michael Isabell.

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