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Feb 6, 2024

Pam Wetherbee grew up in Newburgh and moved to Beacon in 1986 for an almost unfathomable reason: affordability. In this episode, she talks about changes to Beacon in the 38 years since she moved here and her hopes for the city now. In this episode... 

Affordability. Pam also shares her perspective on housing affordability, including a recent study that found the city needs more of both lower income and luxury homes, but not necessarily middle-income homes. Can this be believed? 

Views. And, Pam wants to preserve views of Mount Beacon for as many residents as possible. “Looking at the mountain from Fishkill Avenue, to me it’s just a gem, and to lose that because we’ve built higher and blocked it? That needs to be considered.” 

Social services. How many people in Beacon are in need, but we don't know? Pam is concerned that older and poorer resident may be experiencing isolation and health risks, and she sees a role for the city in identifying and helping those in need. 

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This episode was recorded and edited by Beacon AV Lab. Photo courtesy of Michael Isabell. 

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